Apple on legal iPhone jailbreaks: doing so MAY void your warranty

 you're getting ready to jailbreak your iPhone, now that jailbreaks have been okayed by U.S. courts, you should know that you're still not getting any help from Apple.

The company maintains that whether jailbreaks are legal or not, they can still void the warranty on your iPhone. (As Victor Agreda points out at TUAW, "can void the warranty" doesn't mean it always does. We don't know whether there will be exceptions in practice.) This doesn't change anything, really.
Apple has always maintained that they wouldn't provide support for jailbroken devices, but they've never gone after the folks who publish jailbreaking code or run alternative app stores like Cydia. With 10 million jailbroken iPhones out there, developers who are rejected from the official App Store might increasingly turn to these now-legal alternatives.
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Use Your iPhone Without AT&T Service

Most of you here may already know this, but I’m writing this article because an Erik Lacitis from Seattle Times e-mailed us asking how to get service on an iPhone without an AT&T contract. He was specifically asking me this question because he wanted to find out how Harris-Moore (the Barefoot Bandit) could have gotten service on his iPhone without AT&T contract.

Want to use your iPhone without AT&T service in USA? Well you can, but the only service you can use it on is T-Mobile. You’ll need to first jailbreak your iPhone, and then install a free software unlock. Jailbreak sounds like something shady, but it isn’t. Jailbreak is the act of getting root access to your iPhone so you can modify any file on your phone (by default Apple doesn’t give full access because they don’t want people to mess with any files in the iPhone). In fact jailbreak was officially legalized on July 26.

To jailbreak, one can get the redsn0w 0.9.5 download from our jailbreak iOS 4.1 post. Once an iPhone is jailbroken, it can be unlocked using a software based unlock. It’s important to note that no software unlock is out for the new iPhone 4 yet, but the iPhone 3GS and previous generation iPhones can be jailbroken and unlocked. The iPhone Dev Team (creators of the most reliable jailbreaks and unlocks), have created a software unlock called ultrasn0w. Follow the below instructions to install ultrasn0w and unlock your iPhone to be used with T-Mobile:

1. Open Cydia

2. Add to your sources

3. Install ultrasn0w, and reboot!

4. Now your iPhone should be unlocked. You can insert your T-Mobile sim in your iPhone and use your iPhone on T-Mobile.

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